A Mom’s Guide on How to Plan the Best Summer Ever

“Mom, I’m bored! What can I do?”

How many times have you heard that from your kids over the summer?

You love your kids and want to spend each summer with them creating special memories, knowing that you only have a limited number of years with them until they go off to college.

But you don’t have an unlimited budget to take exotic trips or enroll them in expensive summer camps.

What can you do to make this a fun summer for your family?

kids beach toys in the sand.

What we usually do on summer vacation

Every time summer vacation rolls around, I cringe a little inside.

And I feel guilty for it.

I want to have that special mom/kids time during the summer, having fun together exploring, spending time laughing and playing at the pool, and watching movies.

But then you get the daily (even hourly) fights over electronics, and the arguing over what to do that day (brother and sister don’t like the same things anymore).

At first, I’m strong and I stand up for the 1 hour daily limit on screens.

But after several weeks, I’m tired of fighting so much and the screen time gets longer and longer.

We usually can’t afford take any expensive trips to those fun, all-inclusive vacation resorts, where all the memory-making opportunities are built-in.

The days slowly slip away without doing anything fun with each other, except a few trips to the neighborhood pool…

…when I find that it’s time to buy the back-to-school supplies and get them ready to go back to school.

I don’t want to spend another summer regretting that I didn’t do more to make good memories with my kids.

Because each summer that goes by is one less that I have to spend with them, and I need to make it count.

What can I do with my kids this summer?

Does this story sound eerily similar to yours?

If you ask yourself each May what you can do to make this summer count, then you need to check out my latest eBook, The Best Summer Ever: A Mom’s Guide to Planning a Fun (and Frugal) Summer for Her Family.

cover of the ebook entitled The Best Summer Ever: A Mom's Guide to Planning a Fun (and Frugal) Summer for Her Family.

This 26-page guide will help give you tons of fun ideas for spending time with your kids making memories, including:

  • Activities for rainy summer days
  • Fun ideas for staycations
  • Trips to state and national parks
  • Free and inexpensive local summer fun
  • …and lots more!

With so many ideas included in one place, you’ll be sure to find something that your whole family will enjoy doing together during the small number of summer days.

collage of families camping, swimming and hiking in the summer.

You will get so much out of this guide, especially for such a small price of $2.99.

Don’t miss out on an amazing summer with your kids…get your guide to The Best Summer Ever before this short season is over!

The Best Summer Ever eBook
Fun and frugal activities that moms can use to plan a fun summer for their families.
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