A Great Snack for On-The-Go Families: Jif To Go Dippers

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Since my kids started school last month, we have gone through an extraordinary amount of snacks! I’m not kidding…each one has to have a snack in their backpack (in addition to their lunch boxes) for snack time at school, then there is the after-school snack and the snacks on the go.

A few days a week, I throw a bag of snacks and water bottles into the car and drive the kids to their various sports activities. My son has been doing a “little tykes” flag football program, and my daughter is in a running program twice a week, so we always need to bring something along with us to fuel their little bodies.

jif to go dippers snacks for hungry boys

Try as I might, I can never keep enough easy-to-eat (and pack!) snack food in the house….we’ve been going through a ton of bananas, grapes, apples, pretzels, cheese sticks and  granola bars to feed an army. I like to keep these kinds of things on hand for the kids because they are not only healthy, but I can pretty much just throw them into my bag and can be on my way. I don’t always have a lot of time to cut things up or put things in containers because we always seem to be late for everything.

That’s why I’m so excited about the new Jif To Go Dippers that I wrote about a few weeks ago. These snacks are the answers to a mom’s prayers. Not only do they contain a healthy bit of both protein and carbs, which little active, growing bodies need, but they are all wrapped up in an easy-to-pack container, and the kids don’t need anything but their fingers to eat them.

jif to go dippers at football

We take the Jif To Go Dippers to our football practices every week. I spread a picnic blanket down on the grass and the kids eat their peanut butter and pretzels before the coach calls the boys to start their warm-ups. The protein helps my little guy feel full the entire hour, even though he pretty much runs nearly every minute of the practice.

jif to go dippers chocolate silk

My daughter’s favorite is the chocolate silk peanut butter spread…she feels like she’s eating dessert, but she’s actually getting something healthy for her hard-working muscles.

jif to go dippers for snacking

In addition to our sports practices each week, I usually pack a few Jif To Go Dippers into my bag on the weekends for road trips, park playdates and the times when mom’s shopping goes a little long and the kids need something to eat. The dippers are perfect for the car…no mess!

jif to go dippers great snack for on the go families

To find out more about Jif To Go Dippers, head over to their website, where you can read all the nutrition information and find out where to buy them in your local area. Don’t forget to visit Jif’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for all the #GetGoing fun!

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