7 Things Mom Really Wants on Mother’s Day

I just love the idea of Mother’s Day…not because I’m a mother myself and expect lots of gifts or anything, but because the idea of celebrating the woman who gave you life is wonderful.

Unfortunately, when this time of year rolls around, I start to see hundreds of ads all over…in the newspaper, on television, in the sidebar of pages I visit online, all trying to sell “what mom really wants” for Mother’s Day. Usually it’s jewelry in those ads…both of which are very nice…but they aren’t exactly what a real-life lady in the trenches of motherhood really desires.

Not sure what to get Mom for Mother's Day? These are the best Mother's Day gifts ideas for a mom deep in the trenches of motherhood. Forget the flowers and jewelry, here are 7 things mom really wants on Mother's Day.

Here are 7 things that Mom actually wants from her family on Mother’s Day:

1. A meal she doesn’t have to cook. Our families eat 21 meals per week, most of which (at least, in my house) are prepared by Mom. For one day of the year, it would be nice to not have to boil, saute or bake anything to eat, let along have to clean up afterwards.

2. A clean house. Most moms can attest to this fact: once we have achieved a clean house, it stays that way for about 10 seconds, and then it’s dirty again. Oftentimes, while she is cleaning in one room of the house, little ones are in another room, strewing toys all over. Let’s not even mention the fact that nobody ever volunteers to actually clean the bathrooms or mop the kitchen floor. Please, just this once, can Mom enjoy a house that is picked up and clean for a whole entire day?

3. Time to herself. A mom with littles rarely ever has time to herself. In fact, most of us can’t remember the last time we had a spare hour or 6 to ourselves. If we aren’t cooking (see #1) or cleaning (see #2), we’re driving kids to sports practice or music lessons or play dates. Just to have some uninterrupted time by ourselves to read a book, take a walk, or get some extra time to sleep would be better than a heart-shaped mom pendant any day.

4. Pampering. To be able to take a nice, warm bath with some fancy bath products would be lovely. An appointment at the local nail salon for a pedicure would be heavenly. A pretty tea pot with a variety of teas would be a treat.

Not sure what to get Mom for Mother's Day? These are the best Mother's Day gifts ideas for a mom deep in the trenches of motherhood. Forget the flowers and jewelry, here are 7 things mom really wants on Mother's Day.

This beautiful BELLA Ceramic Teakettle is just the thing for a mom that loves a cozy teatime in the afternoon. BELLA Housewares sent me one to try, and I just love it…it heats water to a boil quickly, which is useful when I only have a few minutes to spare, and it’s lovely enough to bring right to the table when I have friends over. (My kids have been enjoying the benefits of the BELLA Ceramic Teakettle at breakfast too…it’s perfect for making hot cocoa and instant oatmeal on busy school mornings!) It also fits nicely into the next category as well…

5. Something that brings beauty to her surroundings. There is nothing more uplifting than to be in a room that radiates beauty. A pretty painting, a vase of fresh flowers, candles and beautiful music make any ordinary day more enjoyable.

6. Encouragement in her calling as a mother. Motherhood has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done; I feel like I’m messing up practically everyday….and I know that I’m not the only one! That’s why I appreciate books like Desperate and I Need Some Help Here…they help me see that what I’m doing is worthwhile and allow me to grow into a better mother. I’m sure the mom in your life needs some encouraging too.

7.  Genuine appreciation for all the she does. Most of my weeks involve endless loads of laundry and dishes, little sleep from getting up in the middle of the night with babies, and all-around exhaustion, and sometimes, I wonder if all my work counts for anything. I often think to myself that nobody notices what I do, that they just take it for granted that they have clean clothes and packed lunches. But the thing that makes up for all of the hard days is knowing that my family is truly grateful for me and my work. Give that to your Mom on a regular basis, not just on Mother’s Day.

A gift on Mother’s Day doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to be meaningful…it really is the thought that counts.

Are you a mom? What do you agree or disagree with on this list?

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    This is a great list, Erin! I love reading books on motherhood, too. They’re encouraging and helpful and help me to think about motherhood and life in ways I wouldn’t have otherwise. I also love my Bella Ceramic Kettle. It’s perfect for making my tea and other hot drinks. 🙂

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