4 Weeks to Fill Your Freezer: Day 4

Today we made baked oatmeal for the 4 Weeks to Fill Your Freezer cooking project.  I’ve only made baked oatmeal once before, and I was really the only one in the family that ate it, which is why I only made a single recipe today.  {I’m working on getting my kids to like oatmeal ;)}


The recipe couldn’t be easier…I threw it together in 5 minutes after lunch today.   On the advice of my friend Danielle over at Cozycakes Cottage, I diced up 2 apples to add into the oatmeal.  This is gonna be so good!


I poured the unbaked oatmeal into a greased 9X13 pan, just as the recipe directed.  I decided to place a piece of plastic wrap on top of the oatmeal before covering it with foil, just in case it decided to form ice crystals on top.

blankI wrote the directions for baking directly on the foil so that when I take it out of the freezer, I will know how to cook it without digging through my recipe binder to look for instructions 🙂

Wow, that was pretty simple freezer cooking!  Next week we are doing lunches…can’t wait to see what Crystal has on the menu plan…

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6 thoughts on “4 Weeks to Fill Your Freezer: Day 4”

  1. blank

    Well that looks like a really easy recipe. I have never made baked oatmeal before so I did not know how our family would like it. My kids like oatmeal but I was not sure we would like baked oatmeal. I think I might give it a try later but today we made our oatmeal packages because we were out. At least I stayed with the oatmeal theme.

    1. blank

      The baked oatmeal is pretty good, but my kids didn’t care for it too much. At least you know that your kids will eat the packets 🙂

  2. blank

    How funny, Erin! I’m JUST finishing up a post on finally starting tothe project today and was typing your name…ha! Great minds:) I didn’t add as many apples as you did 🙁 I have a feeling I’m going to regret using one apple instead of 2! Now I need to catch up before Monday!

    1. blank

      That’s so funny! I was thinking 2 apples may have been too much, but I guess we’ll see how it turns out 🙂

  3. blank

    That looks really good. I will need to add that recipes to try. I love the make ahead and freeze part as well as writing the directions on the freezer container. Way cool idea. 🙂

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