4 Weeks to Fill Your Freezer, Day 13

Wow, are we on day 13 already? It seems like we started this series not too long ago ūüôā

Today we made pizza dough for the freezer. I must admit, I’ve never made homemade pizza dough before, let alone froze it, so this was new territory for me.

I decided to use the recipe from the booklet that came with my bread machine, since I knew that it would work in there. I put all the ingredients in the machine while I made dinner tonight….easy peasy!


After the dough cycle finished, all I¬†had to do was to take the dough out and throw it into a freezer bag.¬† Couldn’t be simpler!¬† I’m thinking about using it tomorrow¬†night for a quick dinner, since the kids have soccer practice¬†at 5.¬† They will be hungry when we get home and this will be something I can put together very fast ūüôā


Speaking of dinner, tonight I used the Homemade Baking Mix that we made a couple of weeks ago to bake Cinnamon Roll Biscuits tonight.  We love having breakfast for dinner every so often, and this made it so easy to have a freshly baked biscuit on the table fast.


These Cinnamon Roll Biscuits are so good!

What are some of your favorite freezer recipes? 

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3 thoughts on “4 Weeks to Fill Your Freezer, Day 13”

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    I loooove those cinnamon roll biscuits. I think I’ll make them tomorrow. ūüėČ And it sounds like I’m your mom, but I’m so proud of how you’re kicking butt with the freezer cooking challenges! I’m so far behind this week, but am encouraged and motivated by your posts each day. Keep up the great work, Erin!

  2. blank

    Your cinnamon biscuits look really good. I am going to use the pizza dough I froze next week to see how it is after it is frozen. I use this recipe to make my pizza dough at least twice a month but I have never frozen it before. We might have to make some cinnamon twists today with the baking mix.

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