4 Weeks to a More Organized Home {Simplified}: Day 11

The 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home series starts back up again today after its week-long Thanksgiving break. I’m glad to be up-and-at-em again today, even though it was SO hard to get out of my nice warm bed this morning.

Today’s assignment from Crystal was to do a quick pick-up of your house, and then clean and organize your silverware drawer.  Luckily, I had picked up the house last night before bed, so there wasn’t too much do to this morning, other than a few toys that the kids had taken out before school.

The silverware drawer only took me a few minutes to do, as it wasn’t too dirty.  I took everything out of the drawer and wiped it out.  Next, I took the silverware out of the organizer and washed it with some warm soapy water.  Finally, I put everything back in the drawer, except for a few old chopsticks (they went into the trash).


I put all the curly kids straws into a little organizing basket and bundled all the take-out sauce packets (ahem) with a rubber band. It looks all nice and neat now!

Can’t wait to see what Crystal has in store for us tomorrow!  (I hope it’s a quick project like today’s…..)

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6 thoughts on “4 Weeks to a More Organized Home {Simplified}: Day 11”

  1. blank

    I loved that this assignment was an easy one today. My drawer wasn’t too messy this time, not like the last round of this series. I found a couple of items to toss and wiped out the drawer too.

    Great job Erin on getting your cleaning done. It was hard for me to get out of bed this morning too. 🙂

  2. blank

    It’s fun to see that someone else has the same kinds of miscellaneous things to organize, like the rubber bands and straws. Can’t throw those away! 🙂 Good for you getting that picking up done the night before. I was glad she gave the assignment to do that because our house sure needed it!

  3. blank

    I actually washed all my silverware as well. It just seemed to need it even though it was clean but the drawer was dirty? Mysterious isn’t it? I had a hard time getting out of bed on Monday also.

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