4 Weeks to a More Organized Home-Assignment #9

Today’s assignment in the 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home was easy peasy…cleaning all the light switches in your home.  Only took me a very few minutes, and I was lucky enough to get some help from a very sweet 6 year-old 🙂

blankEmily and I grabbed our trusty cleaning rags and set to work after school.  She was so into it that she was racing me to each light switch!  I hope this eagerness to clean lasts a long time!

Crystal also suggested a quick clean of the bathroom this morning, but since it was my regular day for cleaning bathrooms, I went ahead and scrubbed them all and even washed the bath mats 🙂

blankI completely forgot to pick out 7 items to give/throw away yesterday, so today I did double duty…we went through my dresser and found a very old swimsuit from the year I got married.  I think I was hoping to fit into it again one day, which is why I held onto it for so long.  Luckily I can fit into it now, but it’s so out of fashion that I most likely would not actually wear it to the pool.

I also found a few earrings without matches and some old empty boxes to get rid of.  My daughter went through her room to pick out 7 things and could only come up with one…her old Cinderella dress that was faded, dirty and torn.  Thank goodness she was willing to part with it peacefully 😉

blankI also found a little jar in the laundry room which I used to use to hold coins and other items that I found in the washing machine.  There was $3.54 worth of coins in it!  We divided it up 3 ways….1/3 to each child’s piggy bank and 1/3 to Mommy and Daddy’s piggy bank.

Another great project completed!  Can’t wait for tomorrow’s!!

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    Mary @ The Mommy Job

    I love how your daughter was helping out! Wiping the light switches and the doorknobs is one of their chores- helps kill germs too!

  2. blank

    Looks like you have a great helper. Both of my kids are really good at helping out around the house. I usually clean my bathrooms on Friday as that is usually our lightest day for homeschooling. Today is usually laundry day so I washed the bath mats and really cleaned the bathrooms good. Wonder what tomorrows assignment will be?

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