4 Weeks to a More Organized Home: Assignment #7

Today’s assignment in the 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home over at Money Saving Mom was to clean all the baseboards in your home.

My first thought was, “…seriously?  ALL the baseboards?  Oh boy.”  My second thought, which I’m embarrassed to admit, was, “How does one even go about doing this?”

I must say that I have never done that in all of my years of keeping house.  Is this something that everyone knows about?  I thought my house was pretty clean and tidy, but I didn’t know I was supposed to be washing baseboards all this time.  Oh boy.

Crystal suggested setting a timer for 15 minutes to vacuum all the main areas of the home.  And lucky for me, some of her very nice readers commented on how one is supposed to go about cleaning your baseboards.  So I didn’t think it would take too long.

I tried to bribe my little guy into putting one of Daddy’s old socks on his hands and play a new game with me called “Cleaning the baseboards.”  It was going to be fun, I promised…..he put the sock on, looked at it for a minute, and said, “No.”

Oh well, back to the drawing board.  I went ahead and set my timer and got to work.  I decided to move the furniture that was easily movable and waited to move the big stuff, like the bed, until Hubby got home.  No need to hurt my back again, right?

Two minutes later, I ended up hurting my toe on the bedroom’s side table.  Then I dropped the vacuum hose on my foot a few minutes after that.  This project was not going so well.

Twenty minutes later, I finished the upstairs.  Only 3 more levels to go.  Sheesh.

blankOn the main level, I moved all the furniture and vacuumed behind everything, making sure to get all the baseboards.  I also decided to clean out our shoe basket while I was at it.  It’s simply a basket for storing our shoes after removing them when we come inside the house.  I put all the out-of-season shoes back upstairs in our closets….and then found some old shoes to get rid of.

After spending 20 minutes on that chore, I finally finished up vacuuming the rest of the main level, taking care to get the baseboards.

blankAll in all, I spent about an hour today cleaning 2 levels worth of baseboards and organized my foyer and a bit of the bedroom closet.  If I had stayed on task and only did the baseboards, I probably could have completed the task, but I plan to finish up tomorrow on my regular vacuuming day 🙂

The items that I found to give away were many, many pairs of shoes and 2 cat scratching posts.  Why we were hanging on to those, I’ll never know!  The cat never really used them in the 10 years we had them.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s challenge!  This is so much fun!  🙂

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