4 Weeks to a More Organized Home: Assignment #18

Today’s assignment in the 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home series was to de-clutter the floors of your closets and vacuum or sweep them out.

This wasn’t too much work for me today, as I have cleaned out most of our closets month by month this year, so they were all pretty clutter-free.

I did get a late start, however, because I had to take my son to a birthday party this morning, and after stopping at Aldi on the way home, the day was mostly over.

blankI started in the basement with my “laundry closet,” as I was already working on laundry today.  There was a bunch of dryer lint that had become caught in between the washer and dryer, which I was so happy to see go away!

blankSo much better!  I didn’t realize how much dryer lint was floating around this closet.  I ended up vacuuming the walls, ceiling, water heater and heat pump as well.

blankThe master bedroom closet is next on my list to organize and de-clutter, but it is already pretty clean.  I just moved the clothing out of the way and vacuumed the floor.

blankMy daughter’s closet was easy to vacuum, as her clothes hang up higher in the closet.

I didn’t get my 7 items picked out today.  I found 2 things while looking for a book earlier this morning, but I didn’t get a chance to really search for more.  I’m sure I can find quite a few more items when I clean out that master bedroom closet this weekend 🙂

Can’t wait to see what’s next on the agenda tomorrow!


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  1. blank

    I sure you were happy to have already worked on de-cluttering your closet month by month. I probably should start doing that also. There are many things in my own closet I just don’t wear and the same goes for the kids. Looks like you had a busy day though. I haven’t even made it out to shop this week but it is nice to be home and get some things accomplished here at home.

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