4 Weeks to a More Organized Home: Assignment 14

Today’s assignment in the 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home series was to clean all the mirrors and glass doors in your home, and clean out and organize your utensil and junk drawers.

Oh boy…this was not going to be fun!  My hubby has been after me to clean out that junk drawer for weeks now.

blankFirst, I started off by tackling the mirrors and glass doors.  I had already cleaned the bathrooms this morning, so the mirrors in those rooms were done.  That left 2 glass doors and 5 more mirrors to go.  (We must like to look at ourselves a lot…that’s quite a few mirrors!)

This glass door above is the one in our basement.  It seems to get very dirty rather quickly, as it is so close the yard.  I went through 4 paper towels on the outside of the door…they were covered in dirt, pollen and bug remains.  Ick!

blankNext, I worked on the 2 drawers in the kitchen.  After emptying them out, I found some crumbs inside that needed to be wiped out.  As my friend Shell at Frugal Family Home remarked the other day while we were cleaning out our silverware drawers, how crumbs get into drawers where you only put clean utensils is a mystery!

blankI was able to toss out a few old measuring spoons that were warped in the dishwasher, as well as 2 of the 5 bottle openers that we had.  Most of them were gifts, which I hated to get rid of, but we don’t need 5 of them, especially when we hardly use them.

blankThe junk drawer was a lot easier than I had anticipated.  I found a lot of odds and ends that had just been thrown in the drawer for lack of a better place to put them.  I gathered everything together for my husband to see before I threw it out…I didn’t want to accidentally throw away some important battery cord.  When he saw the drawer, he said, “Holy cow!”  I think he was impressed that he could finally get the drawer open 😉

blankI got rid of more than 7 things today…it felt good to see all of this go!

As usual, I’m looking forward to tackling another project tomorrow 🙂

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  1. blank

    Erin, your junk drawer turned out better than mine. We keep pencils, pens, tape, notepads, and few other things we use regularly. So my junk drawer is still a little fuller than I would like. But at least we can find things in it now. I did not get to my outside windows today it was just too wet and we were gone most of the morning. I did the mirrors yesterday when I did my bathrooms so I did not have to do those today. I wonder what tomorrow’s assignment will be?

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