4 Weeks to a More Organized Home: Assignment #12

Today’s assignment in the 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home was to clean your stove/oven and microwave.

I just recently used my oven’s self-cleaning feature to clean the oven, so all I really had to do was to just polish up the cooktop a bit.

Funny story about the self-cleaning oven.  This is the first time I’ve owned a self-cleaning oven.  I didn’t grow up with one either, so I had no idea how they worked.  When we bought our house, we didn’t receive an owner’s manual from the sellers (I don’t think they had one either….our stove/oven is a bit old and it has seen many families over the years), so I didn’t even bother with the self-cleaner.  I just used my trusty old can of Oven Off and elbow grease.

Then one day, a friend of mine, who had just moved into a new house with a self-cleaning oven, told me how easily she had cleaned her oven the night before.  I told her that I thought we had a self-cleaning oven, but that I didn’t know how to work it.

She said, “Erin!  You have to use the button!  The oven just bakes all the stuff into ashes that collect at the bottom of the oven and you just wipe them out when it’s done. So much easier than cleaning it yourself!”

Intrigued, I went onto Swagbucks and searched for the owner’s manual to our oven.  I read through it and two minutes later, I had locked the oven down, cleaned it with the push of a button, and never looked back!  In my opinion, self-cleaning ovens are right up there with smart phones and keyless entry in the rankings of brilliant inventions.

blankBut I digress….See, looks great, right?  (Oh…never mind that baked-on gunk up at the top there which I didn’t notice until I saw the picture….let me run upstairs real quick and wipe that off…)

blankThe stove was pretty clean already…I always wipe it down when I do the dishes.  I just polished it up a bit with the cook top cleaner.

blankThe one place on the stove that I can never seem to reach is behind the knobs.  Baked on grease just seems to accumulate there and no matter how hard I try, I can never get a rag or brush behind there.  But, again, slow learner that I am,  I didn’t realize that the knobs actually come off so that you can clean behind them!  Aha!  I scrubbed that real well and replaced the knobs.

blankThe microwave was also pretty clean.  I always wipe it out as soon as I’m done cooking in it.  If there’s one thing I can’t abide by, it’s a dirty microwave! 😉

I also vacuumed the main living area of our house today, as Crystal suggested.  The trees in the yard are dropping these leafy-seedy things all over the place, and we seemed to have tracked them into the house.

I did forget to pick out 7 items to get rid of today…guess I’ll pick out 14 things tomorrow.

Ahh…feels good to have a stove free of baked-on grease!  Thanks so much Crystal…can’t wait to see what you have in store for us tomorrow.

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  1. blank

    Erin, self cleaning ovens are so nice. When my oven dies I will get another self-cleaning oven again. My self-cleaning feature doesn’t work without a timer and my timer is broken. I had to remove my switches today too to get it clean under them. It sure is nice to have a clean oven. Wonder what tomorrows assignment will be?

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