4 Weeks of Frugal Family Fun (Day 6)

It was another scorcher yesterday, so we headed off to the pool to try to cool off. Membership to the pools is included in our homeowner’s association fees, so it was completely free for us.


I packed some simple lunches and we headed over there around noon. It was already very crowded, so we decided to eat first and swim later.


It felt good to get into the cool water!



Little brother borrowed some other kids’ water guns and had fun filling them up and spraying water.


We even ran into some friends and stayed a bit longer than we had anticipated, but the kids had a lot of fun together. And thanks to our sunscreen, we all stayed sunburn-free (even though we look a little red in these pictures….it was super hot!)  🙂

Have you been to a pool yet this summer?

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    I love to swim but it has not been hot enough here to go. We are still having rain. Our summer usually doesn’t start until July 5th around here. That is when you can be pretty sure it won’t rain much. We have a small pool to set up and when it gets warmer we will get it up. Looks like a really fun day.

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