4 Weeks of Frugal Family Fun (Day 5)

It’s been so hot in our neck of the woods this week! We had to find something fun to do that would help us cool off, so we decided to put on our swimsuits and have a good, old-fashioned run in the sprinklers!  (The grass needed some watering anyways :))

At first, the kids were a little skittish around the sprinkler, but after a few minutes, they figured out that it wasn’t too cold and got right in the spray.

What kind of summer fun did you have today?

6 thoughts on “4 Weeks of Frugal Family Fun (Day 5)”

  1. Looks like the sprinkler was a big hit at your home today. We just got up to 75 today and tomorrow it is supposed to rain again. I think it is going to be raining for about a week. Well at least we won’t have to water the lawn or garden.
    Today we took advantage of our sunshine and make some solar prints. They turned out pretty well. I also started to make our rhubarb jam. I am hoping to can it tomorrow the recipe I am using is a two day process.

    1. I wish we could have a bit of your rain! We’re on day 4 of a heat wave, and the grass is starting to yellow, and my new hydrangeas are suffering. Can’t wait to see your rhubarb jam post 🙂

  2. Melissia @ Bravely Frugal

    We are going to do this too! Great way to cool down on a hot day:) Today we will go to the library to sign up for the summer reading program and swimming lessons. Have a great day!

    1. I know…same here! We always ran through the sprinklers in the summer when I was a kid, but didn’t think of it until recently for my kids 🙂 Good old fashioned summertime fun!

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