4 Weeks of Frugal Family Fun (Day 3)

For Day 3 of 4 Weeks of Frugal Family Fun, we decided to take a trip to our local miniature golf course and try our hands at golfing.

The town in which we live offers a really great membership to the Homeowners’ Association (we are required to pay this fee anyways since we are property owners), which includes not only the gym that we go to, but the pools, and other fun things like this mini golf course. We also get discounted lessons and classes with this membership too, so it’s really a good bargain in the end.

I had totally forgotten that golf was free with our membership, so when my husband brought it up, I thought he was a genius! I can’t believe that I didn’t know we could do this for free.

Our free golf game started out promising…the kids were very excited to pick out their clubs and balls, and try them out.  However, after a few minutes, our daughter decided that she didn’t like golf and didn’t want to play.

She’s 6 going on 15…

Little brother, however, was having the best time…

In the end, I guess the fun became contagious because Emily started to play and even laugh a bit when she hit the ball into the hole.

Now that we know that the free golf course is just a few minutes from home, we’ll have to start going more often. And maybe even invite a friend or two along 🙂

2 thoughts on “4 Weeks of Frugal Family Fun (Day 3)”

  1. Melissia @ Bravely Frugal

    We love miniature gold although we havn’t done this in so long. Free? That’s great! It’s amazing how many affordable family activities there really are out there if we just keep our eyes and ears open! Great activity!

  2. We havn’t been to miniature golf in a long time. That is great that it is free for you with something you already have to pay for. I don’t even know of a place to play miniature golf around here anymore. Most of them have closed up over the years. I am glad in the end everyone had a good time.

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