4 Healthy Habits for Kids You’ll Want to Adopt

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So the kids just went back to school this week, which means that pretty soon, we’ll be on a busy schedule again with all the homework, practices, and lessons that we do during the school year.

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While all that activity is great for fun and learning, it’s not always so great for their bodies. Without some attention to their physical needs, our kids can get run down from so much to do. At the beginning of another school year, it’s a good idea to focus on adopting some healthy habits to help your kids feel their best.

This is how I’m helping my kids be healthy:

Making sure they get enough sleep

Sleep is something we all tend to skimp on, thinking that we can get by without enough of it, and kids are no different. They would love to stay up late every night, reading books or watching TV rather than go to bed at a decent hour. But lack of sleep can hurt their body’s ability to stay healthy.

According to WebMD, “sleep deprivation suppresses immune function.” So if your kids aren’t getting enough sleep every night, they are more likely to come down with colds and other illnesses. So make them put their tablets away, turn off the TV, and get into bed at an early hour.

Making sure they wash their hands regularly

With so many children sharing so many items at school everyday…think pencil sharpener, books, tables, computers, water fountains…it’s no wonder that germs spread around like wildfire.

The best thing to do is to teach your children to wash their hands regularly, especially before meals. This helps to wash away the germs before your children touch their mouths or the food that is going into their mouths. If they don’t get an opportunity to wash before lunchtime at school (my kids have to go right into the cafeteria after recess), send a small container of hand sanitizer in their lunch box.

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Giving them healthy food to eat

This goes without saying, but making sure your kids have a healthy diet helps their bodies to grow as well as giving them the ability to have healthy immune systems. At our house, we eat a good deal of fresh fruit, veggies, dairy, protein and whole grains.

We also limit sugar, but don’t ban it altogether. After eating a low-glycemic diet for almost a year (no sugar, white flour, or foods made from white flour, like bread or pasta), my husband and I are healthier and feel better. The kids mostly eat what we eat, but we do allow them certain foods like macaroni and cheese or popsicles because they enjoy them and they don’t eat them all the time.

Unfortunately, my son doesn’t always eat everything I want him to. While he’s good about eating dairy, most fruits and broccoli, he gets picky about other veggies. I sometimes worry that he’s not getting all the nutrients that he needs to stay healthy.

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Supplementing their diets with a good multivitamin

If you have a picky eater like I do, it’s very important to supplement their diets with a good multivitamin, to fill in the nutrients that your kids might be missing in their diets.

Of course, there is also the question of whether or not those picky eaters will actually take the vitamins. A few months ago, I bought a brand new container of a well-known kids’ multivitamins, and gave them to my kids every morning after breakfast.

A few weeks later, however, I discovered that they never actually took the vitamins, but were hiding them in their dresser drawers! I found a big stash of uneaten vitamins in a little container in one bedroom. When I asked why they hadn’t taken their vitamins, they told me that they tasted so bad, they would rather get into trouble for hiding them than to eat them.

We recently switched to Nature Made® KIDS FIRST® Multivitamin Gummies, which my kids love. The orange, cherry and berry flavors taste good, so they willingly take them every morning.

I like the fact that the KIDS FIRST® gummies contain 12 essential nutrients that are just right for my kids’ ages, like vitamins A, C, D and E, B vitamins, and minerals like iodine and zinc. I really appreciate that they don’t use synthetic dyes, preservatives, or fake flavorings, because I think it’s best to try to limit the artificial things that my kids eat.

store display of Nature Made vitamins.

The best thing is that Nature Made® KIDS FIRST® gummies are available at my local Target, so it’s easy to pick them up while I’m doing my other household shopping.

The 4 Healthy Habits

By making sure that your kids are eating well, getting enough sleep, washing their hands frequently, and taking a good multivitamin, you are helping them develop good habits. Following all 4 of these healthy habits regularly can help your kids have their best school year yet!

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    I know getting sleep is so important. I don’t function well without enough sleep and neither do my kids. We all get way to grumpy. My kids love their gummy vitamins. I like that they are dairy free, so many of the other kids’ vitamins have dairy in them. I’m glad there are gummy vitamins that my kids can take.

    1. blank

      I didn’t know that many other vitamins have dairy in them…that seems like such a strange ingredient. But I’m glad that your kids can have the gummy vitamins to help them stay healthy 🙂

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