30-Day House Cleaning Challenge: Floors

30-Day House Cleaning Challenge

Today’s assignment in the 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge was to vacuum or sweep all the floors in the house.


The floors weren’t too bad, especially since I did them late last week. The living room just needed a quick vacuum, and I decided to steam mop it, since I already had the vacuum out.


All in all, today’s work took about 20-30 minutes…not too shabby!


I sometimes wonder how one small dog can leave so much hair everywhere 😉

Did you do any cleaning today?

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  1. blank

    We have two very small dogs and a cat. I often wonder how they can shed so much hair. I have to vacuum twice a week at least to keep ahead of it.

    I brought out my vacuum today and vacuumed the whole house upstairs, the main floor and the basement. The laundry room was the worst area as it has the litter box. All in all the floors weren’t too bad at my house today either.

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