30-Day House Cleaning Challenge: Extra Rooms

30-Day House Cleaning Challenge

It was another easy day for me in the 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge, hosted by Money Saving Mom. Some extra work earlier in the week cut my cleaning time down to only 5 minutes today!

Day 4: Extra Rooms


We have 2 “extra” rooms in our house: a playroom and a basement. Since I took the time to vacuum these rooms earlier in the week, I only had to dust today.

The basement is also a bit of a man cave…we have my husband’s Marine Corps posters and collectibles in here. The former owners of our home, some big University of Maryland fans, painted the basement a sort of dark red-orange color, and we kept it because it coordinates with some of the posters.

How do you like our coffee table?  We found it on clearance at Ikea about 10 years ago for only $20!


I also just dusted a bit in the playroom. We recently had a big clean-out and got rid of a lot of stuff, so it actually looks pretty organized in there (at least for a few more weeks…).

Did you get any cleaning done today?

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  1. blank

    We have the same Marine Corps posters! Love them! They will go in my hubby’s “man cave” when we have one someday but for now they are in our son’s patriotic themed room 🙂

    Your home is beautiful and I love following your blog!

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