30-Day House Cleaning Challenge: Bathrooms

30-Day House Cleaning Challenge

It’s day 2 of the 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge over at Money Saving Mom, and today we tackled our bathrooms. When I opened up MSM’s blog this morning to find out our assignment for the day, I was hoping for something a little more fun. Oh well, the toilets have to be cleaned sometime, right?

Day 2: The Bathrooms

Master Bath

Crystal mentioned in her post this morning that she was going to try to clean all 3 of her bathrooms in 20 minutes this morning, so I decided to see if I could do the same. (We have 2 1/2 baths)


I plugged in my headphones so that I could listen to the Dave Ramsey podcast, and went to work. I cleaned the sinks, toilets, mirrors, countertops, shower and tub, as well as vacuumed and mopped the floors.


The downstairs half-bath houses our cat’s litter box, so I cleaned and emptied that and took out all the trash. I also got a little OCD and wiped out the insides of the trash cans in each bathroom.

So in just 2 days, most of my house is clean already! On the downside, it did take me 45 minutes to clean all 3 bathrooms, but at least it’s over with for a while 🙂

Did you do any cleaning today?

9 thoughts on “30-Day House Cleaning Challenge: Bathrooms”

  1. Way to go! I am in the challenge…do not have a blog tho. I have two bathrooms and it took me about an hour to clean them.

  2. Today it took me about 30 minutes to do both of our bathrooms. We also tried a new toilet bowl cleaner I made today with the kids. It worked really quite well.

    Your bathrooms look great.

  3. Nicole @ Amazing Frugal Mom

    Great idea with the headphones! I could have used them, since the baby was sleeping! It also took me about 45 minutes to clean 3 bathrooms. I think that’s pretty good!

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