30-Day Cleaning Challenge: Bathrooms, Bedrooms and Kitchen

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After a leisurely weekend, it was time to get back into the 30-Day Cleaning Challenge with surface cleaning of the bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen.

I had high hopes to get all of these done, but I just couldn’t fit it in today, so I settled for cleaning the bedrooms.


The kids had some of their toys out in the afternoon, so they worked on picking them up so that I could vacuum.


My daughter had some confetti all over one side of her room, not to mention all of her stuffed animals.


Our room was pretty much in order…


Except for a toy mouse that somebody left on the floor 🙂


It’s nice to have everything cleaned and picked up!

Did you do any cleaning today?

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  1. blank

    Erin, I took on our bedrooms today too. Like you our master bedroom looked pretty good it was just the kid’s rooms that needed the most help. 🙂 You did a great job!

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