3 Qualities of Good Teacher Gifts

I love to show my deep appreciation for my kids’ teachers each year by giving them gifts. We start the gift-giving right at back-to-school time with this pretty Back to School Teacher Gift, donate to the class gift at Christmastime, and end the year with a gift to let them know how much we have valued their time and talents throughout the year.

We don’t have a ton of money to spend on good teacher gifts, so I usually make something fun or give a small amount in the form of a gift card or contribute to a much larger gift with several other people. But after trying to find ideas for gifts online, I’ve figured out three basic qualities of good teacher gifts:

1. They are useful. I don’t have any experience teaching in the classroom, but I can imagine that teachers get about 20 “Best Teacher” Christmas ornaments every year. If they’ve been teaching for any length of time, I’m sure they can open their own ornament store online. 😉 Give them something that they can actually USE.

2. They are relevant. Just because you found a good deal on a HDMI cable (or some other ridiculous item), it doesn’t mean that your teacher needs or wants one.

3. They are pretty. Everyone loves a beautiful gift!

Good Teacher Gifts Packed into a Pretty Jar

This year, I decided to try for something even more practical than a bouquet of pencil flowers (although we always get a ton of ooohhs and aaahhs when we carry that into school): a Mason Jar Mug filled with teaching essentials.

close up of mason jar teacher kit

If you are not crafty whatsoever, this is the perfect teacher gift for you to make! All you have to do is be able to tie a ribbon into a bow, just like you do when you tie your shoes 🙂

Here’s what you’ll need to make your teacher kit:

  • cute drinking container (I found some great BPA-free plastic mason jars with straws at Target)
  • Single-serving drink mixes
  • Chapstick
  • Travel-sized tubes of Advil
  • Expo white-board markers
  • Post-It notes
  • Gum or breath mints
  • Anything else that will fit inside the drinking container
  • Pretty ribbon
  • Cardstock to print tag (or a small greeting card or tag)

You can print one of these school-themed tags to tie onto your mason jar. Simply click on one of the graphics below, print on a color printer, punch a hole in the one corner and thread onto your ribbon, then tie onto the jar.

photo of printable tags to use for mason jar teacher kit
photo of printable tags to use for mason jar teacher kit

My daughter’s teacher was thrilled with her teacher gift (we got lucky with the Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade drink mix…it’s her favorite!). My son gave his teacher his jar without the ribbon and tag because it fell off in his backpack…oops! I hope she didn’t think it was creepy 🙂

two mason jar teacher kits

What you do think make good teacher gifts?


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    Thanks so much, just made these for our teachers. Along with your suggestions I added sanitizer, Christmas chocolates, protein balls, eye mask and a $$$ scratchie card 🙌 xxfrom Perth Western Australia

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