12 DIY Christmas Wreaths

Decorating the house for Christmas is the very first thing we do after Thanksgiving is over. To get into the holiday spirit, you need to have holiday things to look at, don’t you agree?

One of the first things that goes up each year is the Christmas Wreath for the front door. It’s one that I made myself during the first Christmas season after my husband and I were married, and it’s held up so well over the years.

collage of 12 DIY Christmas Wreaths

Unfortunately, I think it’s starting to become a little dated. When I see some of the professionally made wreaths in the store, or some of the Christmas wreath ideas on Pinterest, I can tell that my trusty old wreath needs a little update.

So if you are in need of a Christmas wreath update, or want to make your very first DIY decoration for your front door, check out these 12 pretty DIY Christmas wreath ideas:

Christmas wreaths to make yourself

1. Easy Outdoor Christmas Wreath by Kenarry
2. Woodland Holiday Wreath by Mom Endeavors
3. Simple Christmas Wreath by The Honeycomb Home
4. DIY Christmas Wreath by Lilluna
5. DIY Wintery Pearl Wreath by Classy Clutter
6. Christmas Hoop Wreath by Lydi Out Loud
7. DIY Christmas Wreath Craft by Messy Little Monster
8. Monogrammed Boxwood Wreath by Mom 4 Real
9. Plaid Christmas Wreath by Frugal Mom Eh
10. Winter Berry Wreath by Mom Endeavors
11. Magnolia and Glittered Pinecone Wreath by Kenarry
12. Snow Wreath Craft by The Country Chic Cottage

collage of 4 DIY Christmas Wreaths

By the way, a homemade Christmas wreath also makes a great gift! If someone gave me one of these pretty wreaths, I would be over the moon! (What can I say, I love decorating my house with pretty things…)

Happy Christmas wreath DIY-ing!!

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    So many great wreath ideas. We have a wreath I made when we were first married too but it’s starting to look it’s age. 🙂 I need to make a new one for next year, these ideas are helpful. Thanks!

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