11 Posts from My Archive That Every Mom Needs to Read

After blogging for about 8 years, I’ve really amassed a lot of good posts that will help moms with many of their daily struggles. Problem is, many of them are buried back in the deep, dark hallways of my blog and don’t get seen as often as they should!

So I’ve resurrected them here for you to read…11 of my best posts to help you with homemaking, organizing your home, feeding your family, balancing your budget, creating routines and schedules that help you get through each day, and, most importantly, encouragement to believe that your lifework as a mom is supremely important and more meaningful than any other occupation we might have.

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I hope these posts will help change your mindset from one that considers motherhood and homemaking as a drudgery to be endured, to one that believes that making a home for a family is a high calling, and can be made easier with a few simple strategies and tools.

Mom Life

This post comes first on this list because it really summarizes my philosophy on motherhood. It has lots of good research to back up my beliefs.

It makes the case as to why being a stay-at-home-mom is so important, both for you and for your children. With lots of links to scientific studies, it shows why a mother in the home raising her children, while creating a happy home environment for them, is the ideal for family success.

But, as we all know, motherhood can really take a toll on a woman. Because so many of us live far from family and don’t have the large community support that mothers often had in the past, we can become burnt out from dealing with crying babies, piles of laundry and unending cooking and cleaning.

This post recognizes that reality, and discusses things that you can do to make your mom life happier, including things like changing your perspective, making mom friends, and taking time for self-care.

How to Make It on One Income so You Can Be a Stay-At-Home-Mom

The decision to be a stay-at-home-mom often rests on whether or not your family can live on one income alone.

This post gives you advice on ways to adjust your lifestyle so that you can live comfortably on just one income. Tips include how to decide whether or not you can afford to be at home full-time, how to adjust your lifestyle, and how to stop comparing yourself to families that have two incomes.

How to Create a Stay-At-Home-Mom Schedule in 5 Simple Steps

Being at home all day with no structure or routine makes you feel a little unanchored, feeling like you aren’t really sure what to do, even when it seems like you have a long list of to-dos that need to be checked off the list.

Making yourself a daily schedule can help you get more done, and it helps everyone…especially the kids…feel better, because they all know what to expect from the day.

To get you started, I talk you through considering what goals you want to accomplish, your family sleep habits, why it’s good to plan your mornings and evenings, and get into the habit of using a planner.

Making Your House a Home

This post is another one of those pillar posts on which my blog is based. It talks all about homemaking, or the act of creating a comfortable and nurturing home for your family to be in.

From the topic of cooking and meals, to keeping the house and its belongings tidy and clutter free, cleaning, creating a nurturing home environment, and family routines, you will get the answers to your most burning questions on the lost art of homemaking.


Organize Your Home

Part of caring for a home is making sure that it is organized and free of clutter, because no one can thrive in a place that is full of disorder and mess.

But getting a house to an organized state can be overwhelming! That’s where my tips on organizing and decluttering come in very handy. This post also discusses the huge cost of clutter…the financial, mental, and time costs associated with dealing with it all.

How to Clean a House

If you’re anything like me, you might not have grown up being taught how to clean every single thing inside a home.

(I’m sure my parents felt that it was faster and easier to clean things on your own than to take the time to teach the kids…but I digress.)

Now that you have your own home, and need to do all the cleaning yourself, you might need some tips on cleaning certain rooms or household items. This post gives you tips on cleaning every room of your house, as well as what tools you might need to get the cleaning done.

How to Create a Routine That Will Make You Want to Clean the House

After you learn how to clean the spaces of your home, all that’s left is to find the motivation to do it! That’s where this post comes in.

Having a cleaning routine can help you feel more motivated to clean, so I show you what to clean weekly, daily, etc. This post also has some free printable cleaning checklists that you can download to make your planning a whole lot easier.

Why Mornings Are Killing You

Cleaning routines aren’t just the only habits that help moms; getting into a good morning routine can make your life go so much more smoothly.

This post outlines exactly what can cause you to have a rough morning, and talks about some of the things you can do to start your days off on the right foot.


5 Mistakes That Moms Make at Night

When you see how much better your days function when you have a good morning routine, you’ll want to carry that practice to the evenings as well.

This post talks about some ideas that you can implement to make your evenings function better for your family.

How to Meal Plan

Moms spend a lot of time in the kitchen! If our families eat 3 times a day (at least), then that means we a prepping food over 20 times each week.

Making a plan for meals can shave a ton of time off this kitchen work…and save your sanity at the same time. This post walks you through how to create a meal plan using your local grocery store’s weekly specials, and how to streamline food shopping and prep.

5 Home-Cooked Meals That Will Make Your Budget Happy

The food category is one of the largest in a family’s budget. Eating out at restaurants can really break the budget, so in this post, I show you how 5 family-friendly homemade meals are not only cheaper, but healthier, compared to purchasing food out at restaurants.

I hope you find these posts helpful and even inspiring to you as you care for your home and family. As I said before, motherhood is not an easy calling, but with some good information, as well as some determination to do well, and encouragement from others in the trenches, we can all accomplish our goal of raising happy and healthy families.

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