10 Reasons We Love Our Do-It-All Dad

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Most of the time here on My Mommy World, we talk about moms and kids, but we don’t often talk about dads. Dads are a super important part of our children’s lives, and they have a great deal of influence over whether our children succeed in the world.

As we just celebrated Father’s Day last weekend, it gave me pause to think about all the reasons we love our Dad. Here are just 10 of them:

1. He works hard to provide for our family.

Many of you know that my husband was a U.S. Marine for 14 years. When our daughter was born, he decided that he didn’t want to miss any of her growing up by deploying any longer, so he left the military to work as a civilian. As a civilian, he still works for the Department of Defense in support of the military, but without the uniforms and deployments.

The job is stressful on its own, but whenever there is a security crisis, he can and does work overtime to help ensure our country’s safety. Gratefully, because of all his hard work at this job, we can afford for me to be a stay-at-home mom so that I can always be at home for our children.

Do It All Dad

2. He makes us laugh.

One of the things that initially impressed me about my husband was his sense of humor…he always had me laughing. We love how he makes up funny songs to cheer up the kids when they are feeling down, or how he always has a clever comeback when we tease him. Having so much laughter in the house is a blessing!

3. He takes care of the yard.

Not to brag or anything, but we have one of the prettiest yards on our street, thanks to our dad. Each week, he spends quite a bit of time mowing, edging and fertilizing to that our yard looks nice.

4. He kills bugs for us.

Dad is our official family bug wrangler, which is a very important position, as the rest of us are seriously scared of bugs! Living so close to the woods, we regularly encounter ants, spiders, stink bugs, wasps, and lots of other creepy crawlies that find their way inside. Luckily, Dad is here to throw them out.

Father's Day Gift

5. He reads us books.

Each night before bed, Dad reads the kids a book (or three). He sometimes makes up funny voices to go along with the characters, which especially delights our youngest. After being at work all day, it’s special time that they get to spend with him one-on-one, and it enriches their minds as well.

6. He surprises us with treats.

Daddy loves surprising all of us with a treat from time to time. Most of the time it’s just something very simple, like a cookie from the grocery store or a special night-light that he saw while at the home improvement store. Sometimes, it’s a fancy necklace that he brought me on Valentine’s Day just because he thought I would love it.

7. He cheers us on.

Not only is Dad at each and every recital, race, and back-to-school night, but he is there every night to help with homework, give us encouragement when we feel hopeless or just plain down-in-the dumps. On the many days I have felt like quitting my blog, he rallies me to remember how much I enjoy it and all the women I’ve helped or encouraged, and makes me feel better.


8. He inspires us.

After enlisting in the Marine Corps right after graduating from high school, Dad had a dream to earn his bachelor’s degree, but with all the deployments, training exercises, and all that goes with a full-time job and young family, he thought he would never see that dream come true.

But he stuck with it, taking classes when he could, even if there was a year-long break between them. And finally this past May, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree and a 4.0 GPA! Seeing all his hard work and long hours, the kids and I have seen first-hand how much determination can help you win at life.

9. He helps others.

Whether it’s a neighbor that needs help shoveling snow out of his driveway, a girl on our street that broke her bike and needs it fixed, or a program at church that needs a volunteer, Dad is always there to help.

Playing Catch with Dad

10. He teaches us.

Between throwing a ball with our son to helping our daughter learn to ride a bike, Dad is there to teach our kids what they need to know in life. He’s also good at explaining problems with homework, when the kids are just sick of Mom’s explanation and need a calm, encouraging voice.

Our Dad is a loving, compassionate, dedicated and hard-working husband and father who we love with all our hearts! We consider our Do-It-All Dad our superhero, and wanted to treat him as such this Father’s Day. I found the perfect gift for him at Personal Creations to let him know how we feel about him:

Father's Day Gift opening

Because he wears so many hats…Dad, Husband, Analyst, Gardener, College Graduate, Bug Wrangler, Volunteer and more…he can sometimes get tired or discouraged himself, so I wanted him to have a reminder that his family loves and appreciates him.

Man Cave

I hung it up on the wall in his “man cave” (aka, the basement) along with his military honors, because being a dad is a great honor too, and now he has a sweet reminder of just how meaningful his life is to all of us.

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    Such a great and loving message. I saw the love while at your beautiful home at graduation. I am so very proud of both of you and the children. Love to all, Mom and Grammy

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